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Rabu, 08 Oktober 2008

Kyoto japan city best bars ktv disco

Kyoto Bars
Kyoto Bars

Kyoto is an amazing blend of traditional and modern architecture. In Rakuchu, the old city centre, you'll find the old Machiya town houses where Geisha once entertained. Most are now shops but in one or ten you can sample hundreds of varieties of local tipples such as the evil 'shochu'! But whatever you do don't pour yourself a drink - it's extremely rude. Notable landmarks include the Heian Shrine, Toji Temple's five-storey pagoda and Kinkakuji Temple (or Golden Pavilion) a wonderfully tranquil place to recover from a heavy night! Visit in November and April and you'll witness Japan's obsession with the fiery-red Maple leaves and also with Cherry blossom ­which they mention in the weather forecast! And if you're cultured-out nip to Shizuoka and Yokohama during the World Cup to catch some action.

Presently the district boasts of Pontocho in the Gion district, Kiyamachi and Kawaramachi and all these places are interspersed with the major bars and pubs of Kyoto. Some of the popular bars and pubs in Kyoto are Sake Bar Yoramu, The Hill of Tara and A Bar.

Situated on the southern side of Nijo-dori, Sake Bar Yoramu is one of the popular bars of Kyoto. The bar offers a wide array of alcoholic beverages, but then the specialty of the bar is the Japanese "rice wine". The food menu of the bar is diverse and besides the Japanese delicacies, you can also avail other dishes pertaining to continental cuisine. The ambience of the bar is cozy and relaxing and is ideal to chat with your friends or to host your private party. This one of the best bars of the city and you can enjoy here Japan's finest sake.

Visiting Kyoto will be more entertaining to visit their bars, pub, KTV, disco, club, and nightlife entertainment. Best of Kyoto bars are listed here :

1. Gael Irish Pub
Friendly pub in the heart of Kyoto
Gael Irish Pub

2. The River Oriental
Elegant Restaurant & Bar

3. Brown’s
Cozy British Style Garden Pub

4. The Hill of Tara
Authentic Irish Pub

5. Pub Africa
Sports Bar

6. Bar-Club Highness (Gion)
Bar & Nightclub

7. York House Italian Restaurant
Spacious Italian Restaurant

8. Sama Sama
Indonesian Bar

9. Kerala
Indian Restaurant

10. Ace Cafe
Kyoto is at the forefront of a new eastern cool Discover Ace Cafe
that takes the retro 50s and 60s

11. Bar Fakers
A cool and grungy loft bar that's not as phoney as the name suggests

12. Bar Zinho
Not much bigger than a penalty area and with just about enough space to seat a football Discover Bar Zinho

13. Marble Room
White retro bucket seats line the bar and Kyoto's cool cats takes seats or places on the Discover Marble Room
mattress-like cushions

14. D's
A clean, well-lit place for drinks.

15. Zappa
A hidden favorite with an international menu.

16. Rub a Dub
The oldest reggae bar in Kyoto.

17. Hub
A friendly bar near Sanjo Street, popular with foreigners living and working in Japan.

18. Bar Isn't It?
This large open-spaced bar in downtown Kyoto is famous. Isn't It?

19. Pig and Whistle
Beer from all over the world, darts, and lots of English teachers who just finished work.

20. Pub Africa
An open-space bar with a sports/Africa theme and tasty French fries.

21. Noopy's
Sadly, Noopy's has shut its doors for good, but we kept our listing for it because we liked it so much.

Watch Kyoto Cruise 2009, showing the old city of Japan on Youtube here :

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