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Jumat, 22 Mei 2009

Gifu Takayama history city in Chubu

Gifu Prefecture (岐阜県) is a region in the central Chubu region of the main Japanese island Honshu. Gifu city is near to Takayama, a beautiful town in the mountains, and Shirakawa-go, a collection of small villages even deeper in the mountains.

Gifu is easily accessible both domestically and for travellers coming from abroad. Gifu can be reached by train in 20 minutes from Nagoya, 1 hour from Central Japan International Airport (CENTRAIR), 2 hours from Tokyo, and 1 hour from Osaka.

Gifu City is well known as a historical city with UKAI (cormorant fishing) in the pristine Nagara River —a tradition with some 1300 years of history. It is also famous for Gifu Castle, a central landmark in the history of 16 century daimyō general ODA Nobunaga.

Gifu City was also approved as an international convention city in 1988, and has continued to grow in popularity as an international convention and tourism city ever since.

Gifu Tourism
Gifu has many popular tourist attractions, bringing visitors to all parts of the prefecture. The most popular places are Gifu, Gero, Shirakawa and Takayama. Gifu is famous for cormorant fishing, which has a history of over 1,300 years, as for being a long-term residence of both Oda Nobunaga and Saitō Dōsan. Gero is known for its relaxing hot springs, which attract visitors throughout the year. Shirakawa's historic villages are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Takayama is famous for retaining its original appearance and is often referred to as Little Kyoto.

In addition to international tourists, Gifu also plays host to many international events. The World Event and Convention Complex Gifu is available for many types of events. Other areas of Gifu, too, bring international events, such as in 2005 when the World Rowing Championships were held in the city of Kaizu.

Gifu Attractions :
1. Takayama : Preserves one of Japan's nicest old towns.
2. Shirakawa-go : Mountainous region, known for its farmhouses.
3. Furukawa : Small town 15 minutes north of Takayama.
4. Gujo-Hachiman : Small town in rural Japan with castle.
5. Gero Onsen : Famous hot spring resort south of Takayama

Gifu sightseeings :
1. Cormorant Fishing
Ukai is the fishing method to which a fisherman catches fish using a cormorant, and has performed for about 1300 years.

2. Gifu Castle
Come see a symbol of Gifu City at the summit of Mt. Kinka, featuring various displays inside and an observation gallery on top!

3. Gifu Park
With its spring cherry blossoms, refreshing summer greenery, beautiful autumn leaves, and winter snow, Gifu Park is a paradise of seasonal pleasures.

4. Mt. Kinka Ropeway
It takes you from Gifu Park to Mt. Kinka in 3 min. Enjoy the dynamic beauty of Nagara River and the cityscape!

5. Gifu City Museum of History
The history and culture of Gifu City are shown through the unique experience-based exhibition, focusing on Sengoku period.

6. Mt. Kinka
It's 329 meters high, in the center of Gifu City. Nature trails take you to the top with enjoyable natural scenery.

7. Nagara River
1300 years of historical UKAI runs in Nagara River. Its water has been protected and this river is rated as one of the 100 cleanest and of 88 best bathing places in Japan.

8. UKAI no Sato
See cormorants and traditional UKAI implements at the 6 Cormorant Fishing Masters' houses along the Nagara River!

9. Gifu Great Buddha
One of the 3 greatest Buddha statues in Japan, and the biggest (13.7 meters) constructed by the dry lacquer technique, The Gifu Great Buddha will soothe you with his graceful smile.

10. Sofuku-ji Temple
See the monument for Nobunaga and his son Nobutada's as well as historical materials related to Gifu Castle, nestled here among the beautiful Japanese enkianthus trees.

11. Kawara-machi area
Walk and see old-fashioned Japanese houses, and traditional confectioner's shops, along with restaurants and galleries converted from old townhouses!

12. Nagara River Hot Springs
Enjoy hot springs along the Nagara River. Why don't you relax in the russet brown water, experiencing the beauty of the changing seasons?

13. Bairin Park
About 1300 plum trees of some fifty different species are planted here. The Plum Festival is held in early March attracting many visitors every year.

Photos of Gifu city :

gifu castle
First built as a fortress on the top of Mt. Kinka in 1201, Gifu Castle has a history of about 800 years.

gifu village
Gifu Village

gifu street
Street at Gifu city

gifu nagara river
Together with Gifu Castle, the Nagara River that flows through the middle of Gifu City is a beloved symbol of Gifu City.\

Yanagase street in Gifu
Yanagase street in Gifu

Watch Japan Gifu Minokamo city street Video

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Minggu, 03 Mei 2009

Nagano Zenkoji Temple and night bars

Nagano (長野市), the capital city of Nagano Prefecture, is located in the northern part of the prefecture near the confluence of the Chikuma and the Sai rivers, on the main Japanese island of Honshū. Nagano is famous for its Buddhis Temple Zenkoji, Nagano's most famous attraction and one of Japan's most popular temples.

In 1998, Nagano hosted the XVIII Olympic Winter Games, the second Winter Olympics ever held in Japan and the first since 1972 when the Winter Games were held in Sapporo, also the site of the first Winter Olympics ever held in Asia.

Visiting Nagano is full of historical sites sightseeing such as : The historic site of the Battles of Kawanakajima has been retained as parkland, with a municipal museum of the history of the Zenkoji plain.

Nagano Nightlife :

Nagano has a lot of historical places, temples, and also the nightclub and bars,clubs, pubs.
Some of Nagano Bars, pubs, clubs, and drinking places are listed here :

1. Bluebird: Darts, Pool & Pints
Theme: Eating and Drinking
Address: Daito Building 3
Phone: 0262263945
Directions: From Nagano Station: take right-side steps leaving the West Exit. Cross street near Starbucks and go up the small street. Bluebird is at the end - it overlooks the next "major" street.

Theme: Nightclub
Phone: 026-267-9120
Directions: Again Building, 7F (look for Comme Ca du Mode).

3.Liberty: Bars, Pubs, Clubs
Theme: Eating and Drinking
Address: Downtown
Directions: Moved to a new location in Spring 2004. Not far from Nagano Station. Ask any foreigner and they'll know the way.

Nagano Photos

Nagano Matsumoto Castle
Nagano Matsumoto Castle

Nagano Downtown
Nagano Downtown, full of skyscraper building

nagano Zenkoji Castle
Nagano Zenkoji Castle, the most famous Buddhist Temple

Watch Zenkoji Castle at Nagano Video here

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