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Minggu, 08 Februari 2009

Kawasaki Japan City Famous Ninja Motorcycles

Kawasaki (川崎市) is a city located in Kanagawa, Japan, between Tokyo and Yokohama. It is the 8th most populated city in Japan and one of the main cities forming the Greater Tokyo Area and Keihin Industrial Area. Kawasaki has several factories and development bases of the companies of heavy industry (e.g., JFE Group, Nippon Oil Corporation) and high technology (Fujitsu, NEC Corporation, Toshiba, and Dell Japan).

Kawasaki maybe more populas as Ninja Motorcycle or Kawassaki Volcan. But Kawasaki actually is a nice city in near Japan.

There are some popular tourist attractions in Kawasaki such as :

1. Kawasaki Daishi: the second most visited temple in the Kantō area.
2. Nihon Minka-en: a park with a collection of 20 minka, or traditional farmhouses, from various areas in Japan.
3. Koreatown: eastern Kawasaki has the second largest concentration of Koreans in Japan after Osaka. In 1997 it became the first municipality to allow non-Japanese nationals to take civil service employment.
4. Kawasaki Daishi (川崎大師), officially Heikenji (平間寺).
5. Wakamiya Hachiman-gū Shrine (若宮八幡宮), A quiet Shinto shrine that would be indistinguishable from your average neighborhood shrine if not for one thing: this happens to be one of Japan's few remaining fertility shrines, and the deity venerated here assumes the form of a meter-long iron phallus, known as Kanamara-sama (金まら様, lit. "Iron Big Penis Lord").
6. Japanese Erotic art in small sex museum in the shine building
7. Nihon Minka-En (日本民家園), or Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum [4]. The large grounds display over twenty traditional Japanese houses, dating from the late 17th to early 20th century and transplanted from around the country. Rarely crowded, and costing only ¥500 admission, the museum is a 12 min. walk from Mukogaoka-yuen station on the Odakyu Line from Shinjuku, or 20 min. from Noborito on the JR Nanbu Line.
8. If you like to gamble, Kawasaki is also home to a horse racing track and a keirin (bicycle racing) track.
9. Kawasaki's best-known event is the Kanamara Matsuri (金まら祭り), also known as the Iron Penis Festival, held on the first Sunday in April. Penis-laden temple
floats (o-mikoshi) are paraded down the streets of Kawasaki and everybody gets sloshed.

Kawasaki City Photos :

Kawasaki Kanamara sama
Kawasaki Kanamara parade Kanamara

Kawasaki City
Kawasaki City

Kawasaki English Pub
Kawasaki Nightlife English Pub

Kawasaki Daishi
Kanamara Daishi

Watch JR trains in Musashi-kosugi, Kawasaki city, Japan Video here

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