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Selasa, 11 Agustus 2009

Furano Hokkaido Japan Ski Holiday

Furano (富良野) is a city located in Kamikawa, Hokkaidō, Japan. Furano is situated along the middle reaches of the Sorachi-gawa River in the central part of Hokkaido and it belongs to Furano-Ashibetsu Nature Park. Because of its geographical position, which is almost right in the middle of Hokkaido, Furano has a unique nickname - "the navel town." Every summer, a humorous navel festival is held in Furano, during which about 3,000 participants draw funny faces on their bellies and dance around in the main street.

Furano Skiing

Furano is famous for winter holiday destination because of its ski slopes.

Furano ski resort has two great ski areas: Furano and Kitanomine. Both areas are interconnected by the lifts and boast over 900 vertical meters of terrain suitable for all abilities and will challenge even expert skiers. It is one of the most respected ski areas in the whole of Japan and with an average seasonal snowfall of over 8 metres; the perfect destination.

The Furano ski resort lies at the very centre of Hokkaido and is reknowned for its long runs, magnificent views and the ever present Hokkaido powder, with falls of up to 8 metres per season on average. Furano resort has been the venue for world cup races with many of the world's great skiers having tested its steep and fast ski runs.

Ski area lifts include the 6 person Kitanomine Gondola which goes 2.95km giving runs up to 4.5 km in length, the 100 person Furano Ropeway which covers 2.5km in 5 minutes! The central valleys have superb powder and the views of the central ranges of Hokkaido are spectacular. Furano is well known for it’s lack of crowds adding to your enjoyment of this former world cup resort. There are ample beginner/intermediate runs at the base of each side of the mountain, with the steeper and deeper runs up high.

Furano Sightseeing

Sightseeing in Furano can be seperated into several locations such as : Biei, Kami Furano, Naka Furano, Furano, Minami Furano, and Shimukappu.

Some of Furano Sightseeing spots and main attractions are listed here :
1. Chushin-Hyou Park.
The hear of Hokkaido LIes in a corner of Furano Elementary School Yard. 1.2km form JR station

2. Furano Winery
The winery produces dozens of varieties of local wine carefully developed mellow flavor and scent. Observation tour and tasting are available.
Tel: 0167-22-3242. 3km from JR station

3. Furano Grape Juice Factory
100% Fruit juice tastes great. Furano Grape Juice comes in red or white. Observation tours and tasting are available.
Tel: 0167-23-3033. 4km from JR station

4. Furano Cheese Factory
The factory manufactures and sells Furano cheese and Furano Milk. Cheese tasting is available. The adjoining Ice Milk Factory is always crowded. You can try your hand at a number of things, including making butter and ice cream, at The Hands-on Work Shop. (Booking necessary)
Tel: 0167-23-1156. 4km from JR station

5. Taiyo-no-Sato Park Fureai House
This 20ha.-park includes camping site, adventure circuit and a park golf course. At Fureai House, you will find a restaurant and accommodation.
Tel: 0167-42-3445. 14km from JR station

6. Hotel Furano HIghland's lavender fields
You can take a look at the largest lavender fields in the city from its outdoor hot spring.
Tel: 0167-22-5700. 7.5km form JR station

7. Furano Ski Resort
This international class ski resort has hosted the World Cup Skiing Competition 10times and the World Cup Snowboarding Competition. The resort offers slopes for all levels of skiers. Snowboarders are also welcomed. The ropeway can hold up to 101 passengers and it the fastest of its kind in Japan. It also operates in the off-season.
Tel:0167-22-1111. 2.7km from JR station

8. Ningle Terrace
A shopping road of log houses designed by Soh Kuramoto. Nearby to this spot are the cafe Morino-Tokei (A Clock in a Forest), featured in the TV drama "Yasahii Jikan" (Heart Warming Moment) and "Soh's Bar" also designed by Soh Kuramoto.
Tel:0167-22-1111. 7km form JR station

9. Rokugo-no-Mori, the Forest
The family of Goro Kuroita, the leading character appeared in the TV drama "Kitano Kuni Kara" (From the North Country) lived in this forest.
Tel:0167-29-2323. 18.2km form JR station

10. Goro's Stone House
A spot commonly used as the main set in "Sudachi, Leaving the Nest", a chapter from the TV drama "Kitano Kuni Kara". 21km form JR station

11. Jun and Yui's Recycled House
A popular location used as the set for the TV drama "Kitano Kuni Kara" where you can see unique ideas shown in the Recycled Houses. 16.5km from JR station

12. Kitano Kuni Kara Siryoukan, the Museum
This museum contains commemorative items and information for "Kitano Kuni Kara", and was built under the supervision of the author, Soh Kuramoto.
Tel:0167-39-2800 0.3km form JR station

Furano Sightseeing and Ski photos and pictures :

furano snow resort
The Furano ski resort lies at the very centre of Hokkaido and is reknowned for its long runs, magnificent views and the ever present Hokkaido powder, with falls of up to 8 metres per season on average.

Furano and Biei are two towns in the center of Hokkaido, known for their pleasant and picturesque rural landscapes.

new furano prince hotel
New Furano Prince Hotel, Furano, Hokkaido

hotel in furano hokkaido japan
Hotel in Furano Japan

farm fomita in nak furano
Farm Fomita in Naka Furano Many lavender fields are in bloom.

furano ski area map
Furano Ski Area Map

cable car to furano ski resort
Cable Car to Furano Ski Resort

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Minggu, 02 Agustus 2009

Noboribetsu Hot Spring Resort Hokkaido

Noboribetsu (登別市) is a name of city in Iburi, Hokkaidō, Japan. Noboribetsu located in southwestern Hokkaido in Shikotsu-Toya National Park, directly south of Sapporo city, and since it runs along the coast and is surrounded by beautiful forested hills.

Noboribetsu is a name from the local Ainu language which means "a cloudy river tinged with white." Noboribetsu is famous for its hot spring resort (onsen) and the Hell Valley (地獄谷 Jigokudani) sulphurous volcanic pits and geysers, the ninja village and Bear Park. Like most coastal parts of Japan, Noboribetsu is also famed for it’s gourmet spread of seafood . which includes cod roe, salmon roe and Onikama a type of boiled fish paste.

Located on the Pacific Ocean side of Hokkaido and close to Muroran, Noboribetsu has various places to visit and is one of Hokkaido's most famous hot spring resort areas. It was founded on September 13, 1869, has an approximate population of 54,039 with a total area of 212.11 km2. Noboribetsu is a part of the Shikotsu-Toya National Park.

Noboribetsu hot spring has over 10 different kinds of water, containing minerals such as hydrogen sulfide, salt, and iron. The quality of these minerals results in the spa being ranked among the world's most exceptional hot springs.

How to access Noboribetsu ?

Access to Noboribestu via train to Noboribetsu Station takes approximately one hour and ¥3850 from Sapporo. Donan and Chuo Bus Companies operate eleven direct buses per day from Sapporo Station to Noboribetsu. The one way trip costs ¥1900 and takes between two and three hours. If driving from Sapporo or Shin Chitose Airport, the fastest way is using the Doo Expressway, then taking the "Noboribetsu Higashi" exit. The distance From Sapporo, is about one hundred (100) km and the expressway toll for a family car is approximately ¥3000.

Nearby Cities from Noboribetsu :

Sapporo, Japan [34.6 miles]
Aomori, Japan [98.3 miles]
Niseko, Japan [32.3 miles]
Otaru, Japan [43.3 miles]

Main Attraction in Noboribetsu :
1. Hot Springs. About Noboribetsu's hot spring baths.
2. Jigokudani . Hell valley - displaying volcanic activities.
3. Shiraoi Town - Porotokotan. Good Ainu museum near Noboribetsu.
4. Lake Toya. Site of Mount Usu, an active volcano.

Noboribetsu photos and pictures, a nice scenery

Noboribetsu's main shopping belt

noboribetsu hell valley
Noboribetsu Hell Valley

noboribetsu hot spring
Noboribetsu Hot Spring

noboribetsu ropeway station
Noboribetsu Ropeway Station to Bear Park, one of the main tourist attractions

noboribetsu bear park
Noboribetsu Bear Park

date jidai muraninja theme park
Ninja Village Date Jidai Mura Ninja Theme Park

samurai at Date Jidai Mura Ninja
samurai at Date Jidai Mura Ninja

Noboribetsu Date Jidai Mura Outdoor ninja show Video here

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