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Jumat, 10 Oktober 2008

Osaka japan city nightlife bar and nightclub

Osaka Nightlife
Osaka Nightlife

Osaka (大阪市) is a city in Japan located at the mouth of the Yodo River on Osaka Bay, in the Kansai region of the main island of Honshū.

Osaka is very beautiful at night. After the sunset, the Kita (North) area surrounding JR Umeda Station is a nice hang out during the night time. Kita draws a slightly more adult crowd, including lots of businesspeople. The Minami (South) area, located between the Shin-Sai-bashi and Namba districts which include part of Chuo-ku (Central Ward) is mainly famous among kids. There are plenty of good restaurants and drinking spots for more seasoned bon viands.

Whatever your inclination, sit at the bar and relax with a cold beer, a glass of pinot noir, or a classic martini, and be sure to chat with whoever happens to be nearby – you may make a new friend or a valuable business contact.

There are many nightclubs in Osaka that cater to the entertainment and refreshment of the tourists in Osaka. The popular nightclubs in Osaka hosts the Tokyo based Cyber trance events and the hip Hop/Reggae. Most of the other clubs are also located in the southern part of Osaka. If you are not looking for a particular artist, the southern part of Osaka should be the main area to have fun.

Some popular nightclubs at Osaka include:

1. Club Joule – it is the major landmark of Osaka's main youth hangout 'America Mura' (mura means village). Club Joule is a smart, modern club where you can hear hip hop, jazz, soul, and rhythm and blues, depending on the night. You can also enjoy the menu for small snacks such as tuna and tomato pizza. There is also a dessert menu that changes daily.

2. Freeza -This cosmopolitan nightspot features house music on Friday and Saturday nights put on by some of the best local DJs. Among patrons it is known for its cozy atmosphere and diverse crowd.

3. Gross -the trendy and clean bar welcomes customers who are mostly in their 20s or early 30s. This bar became a popular site for so-called "para-para" dancing and for grooving to Euro-beat sounds.

4. Ozone -This grungy, urban club with steel and concrete decor actually rents itself out to various groups. Chill out as the DJs spin hip-hop, punk music, hard-core and more popular sounds.

5. Underlounge -Underlounge is Osaka's hottest new club. It is an expansive sophisticated space with a main dance floor and a chill-out lounge. You can enjoy food as well as drink at reasonable prices. Lockers are also available.

10 Best nightlife in Osaka :

1. Blue Note
2. Cinquecento
3. Pig and Whistle
4. National Bunraku Theater
5. Murphy's
6. Covent Garden
7. Tin's Hall
8. Sam and Dave Umeda
9. Club Karma
10. Canopy
11. Cellar
12. Grand Café
13. Karma
14. Murphy's
15. Osaka Nōgaku Hall
16. Pig & Whistle
17. SoulFuckTry
18. Tavola 36
19. Tin's Hall
20. Windows on the World

Watch Roppongi nightlife, One of the most animated areas in Osaka video here

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