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Selasa, 14 September 2010

Toyohashi Japan Motor Company Port City

Toyohashi (豊橋市) is a Japan city located in Aichi Prefecture in Honshu Island. Actually, Toyohashi is the center point between Tokyo and Osaka. Toyohashi is famous for its Autmobile Company as The Toyota Motor Company has its productiion facility in the nearby city of Tahara. Toyohashi, formerly called Yoshida, is 70 km south east of Nagoya.

Toyohashi has an important rail hub connecting Aichi, Nagano and Shizuoka Prefectures. With a population about 380.000, Toyohashi is Japan largest port for the export/import of motor vechiles.

Toyohashi Tourism

Toyohashi is a small city, therefore not so many things to see there. Many visitors are more attracted to visit Tokyo, Nagoya, or Osaka.

But nowadays, the popularity of Toyohashi is increasing a lot. The most famous sites including Yoshida Castle, Toyohashi Zoo and Botanical Gardens , and Toyohashi Museum of Natural History.

Many of Toyohashi's places of interest are located near to to Shiyakushomae (City Hall) - a short streetcar ride from Toyohashi Station.

The striking 1930s Romanesque-style Public Hall has become a symbol of the city and is built in an unusual fashion for a civic building in Japan.

The nearby Haristos Orthodox Church (built in 1913) also deserves a mention and it is possible to view the church's impressive icons inside the building. There are also both Catholic and Anglican churches located close to the City Hall.

From there it is a short walk to the pleasant Toyohashi Park and Yoshida Castle on the banks of the Toyokawa River.

Yoshida Castle was first built in 1505 by Makino Kohaku, but all that remains is a corner keep that was restored in 1954. The castle was taken over by the feudal lord Ikeda Terumasu in 1590, who began a grandiose rebuilding scheme, but the castle was never completed. The keep is free to enter and there are good views out over the Toyokawa River. The grounds of the park were used as an Imperial Army barracks during the Meiji period and a Meiji-era sentry box and gate are evidence of that period. Toyohashi Park is also a favored cherry blossom viewing spot in season.

Also in the park are the Sannomaru Kaikan - a tea room for performing the tea ceremony and the Toyohashi City Art Museum, which has exhibits of local history and more modern temporary art exhibitions.

It's possible to walk on the southern banks of the Toyokawa River even as far as the Toyokawa Bridge about 4km in all and then across the bridge to the Maeshiba Tomyodai (Tomeidai) - one of Japan's oldest wooden lighthouses. On the way is Minatomachi Koen, with the pleasant nearby shrine Minatoshinmeisha Shrine.

Another historical building in Toyohashi well worth seeing is the Edo Period Futagawa-juku. This large inn or honjin on the Tokaiko highway was built for lords and high-ranking officials traveling along the route between Kyoto and Edo (modern-day Tokyo). The building has been restored and its possible to visit the garden and rooms where the rich and powerful of the day would stay. There is an adjacent museum with exhibits on the history of the Tokaido.
Tel: 0532 41 8580
The nearest station is Futagawa on the JR Tokaido Main Line.

Across the Toyokawa River are the much older Urigo Ruins where there is a reconstruction of a Yayoi Period (300 BCE - 300 CE) "dug-out" style dwelling.

Toyohashi Museum of Natural History

The Toyohashi Museum of Natural History opened in 1988 to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the Toyohashi municipal government.
It was established under the themes of evolution and natural history.
The museum aims to promote better understanding of nature and life by broadening knowledge and deepening familiarity with nature.

Yoshida Castle

Yoshida Castle was originally built by the order of a feudal lord, Kohaku Makino in 1505 under the name of Imahashi Castle. It was occupied by many feudal lords in the Warring States period. The castle name was changed later to Yoshida Castle and Terumasa Ikeda occupied the castle after Hideyoshi Toyotomi had control over all Japan. The castle itself was changed from a middle age castle to a modern castle. Currently, the ruins of the turret remain in the north side of the park near the Toyogawa River. People may see the old image of the castle in the reproduced turret iron tower and engraved rock walls. A Green tea ceremony is served in a standing manner at Sannomaru Kaikan located at the ruins of the Sannomaru Enclosure. Many large old trees are preserved in Toyohashi Park where Yoshida Castle is located, and the park is loved by the citizens as an oasis of nature where you can see wild birds even though it is located in the town area.

Photos of Toyohashi tourism :

Toyohashi Amusement Park Area
Amusement Park Area in Toyohashi Zoo and Botanical Park. An amusement park area with a roller-coaster, a ferris wheel, 50 meters high, a merry-go-round and even shooting coaster ride.

Toyohashi Museum of Natural History
Toyohashi Museum of Natural History. The Toyohashi Museum of Natural History opened in 1988 to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the Toyohashi municipal government.

Toyohashi Downtown
Toyohashi Downton

Toyohashi Station
Toyohashi Station

Toyohashi Yoshida Castle
Toyohashi Yoshida Castle

Toyohashi Nikko Hotel
Toyohashi Nikko Hotel

Watch Toyohashi Station Video here

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