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Senin, 13 Oktober 2008

Tokyo Massage place in japan city

Tokyo Massage
Tokyo Massage

Tokyo ((東京) is the capital city of Japan. As the most modern city, and as the largest population center in Japan, Tokyo peoples are frequently got into stress. But Japan is famous for it traditional massage that can cure illness with soft effect.

Some of Tokyo professional massage therapists will come to your hotel room, and including hot girl services or pijat plus plus. Tokyo massage including Zen massage which is in various oriental techniques, and can take care of stiff shoulders, back pain and headaches.

Tokyo famous massage in the city are listed here :

1. Tokyo WELLNESS(In-room massage) ( Massage / Roppongi )
2 .Innocent Aoyama ( Massage, Nail salons / Aoyama, Harajuku )
3. nanea ( Massage / Roppongi )
4. Zen Healing Center ( Zen Massage) ( Massage / Roppongi )
5. EGBOK Azabu Oriental Clinic ( Massage, Acupuncture / Roppongi )
6. Ryokufudo, Acupuncture, Massage ( Others )
7. Asias, Massage ( Aoyama, Harajuku )
8. Bali Relax 24, Massage ( Roppongi )
9. essence k, Massage, Reflexology ( Roppongi )
10. Estetique Salon Le Lit Meguro, Massage, Beauty-Others ( Ebisu )

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