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Selasa, 14 Juli 2009

Shirakawago and Gokayama Japan Old Village

Shirakawa-go (白川郷, "White River Old-District") is the name of village in the Shogawa river valley stretching across the border of Gifu and Toyama Prefectures in northern Japan. Shirakawa-go cannot be seperated with the other historic villages Gokayama (五箇山, "Five Mountains").

Both Shirakawa-go and Gokayama are under UNESCO world heritage site since 1995, and the places are very popular nowadays as a traditional gassho-zukuri farmhouses, some of which are more than 250 years old.

Shirakawa-go's largest village and main attraction may be is Ogimachi.

Shirakawa-go has many events every day, here is the list of events including the event schedule

Events The time of the year
1. Harukoma - New Year
2. Syougo - End of February
3. Kumagari - Middle of March ~ Middle of April
4. Gassho roof's rethatch - Beginning of April
5. Cherry tree flowering season - End of April ~ Beginning of May
6. Skunk cabbage flowering season- End of April ~ End of May
7. The season of fresh green - Middle of May ~ End of June
8. Hakusan Super woodland path' access starts - Beginning of June ~ Middle of June
9. Hakusan's the opening of a mountain - 20th of July ~ 31st of August
10. Oosirakawa Camping place - 14th of August ~ 17th of August
11. Bon Festival dance - 25th 26th of September, 10th of October
12. Doburoku Festival - 14th of October ~ 19th of October
13. Autumnal leaves - Middle of October ~ Beginning of November
14. Mekaki - End of October ~ Middle of November
15. Houonkou - December ~ End of March
16. Snowfall - End of December ~ End of March
17. Skiing - End of December ~ End of March

Hotels, Guesthouse, and nightstay in Shirakawa-go. Here is some of the best hotel in Shirakawa-go :

1. Mihoro Ryokan
Situated in high level of Syou River, and it is Shirakawa-go’s South entryway. The hotel is old and good appearance relaxing mode tourist home and it has used dismantle Colony sank under the Mihoro lake and reconstruct it.
Address: 126 - 3 Maki Shirakawa village Oono-Gun

2. Hatago Shirayama Hotel
At this hotel, good quality hot spring, and eaten Hida Beef or river fishes with hearth’s charcoal fire is the main things of the hotel. The dishes are used particular food and seasonable, and also Jizake (local sake) and Reisyu with 3 years old Sake are available with Kappo Sake (bamboo Sake). Stubborn landlord, and beautiful landlady are waiting for you at the hotel.
Address: 126-100 Hirase Shirakawa Village Oono-gun

3. Yu-no-Sato
The hotel’s style can’t be seen in Shirakawa-go with unusual ceiling-well that dismantle Fukui’s fishermen's boss’s building and reconstruct it. Hills and waters and the natural hot spring are the charm of family accommodation

4. Fujiya Ryokan
“The hotel which protects the Japanese secret hot springs” The inside bath and the outdoor hot springs are entire Hinoki (Japanese cypress) making that is what hotel can proud of!! It helps to bring the good quality out of Hot springs. Also bath time of returning on the same day is possible, so as four seasons’ holiday making, you are welcome to our hotel.
Address: 303-16 Hirase Shirakawa Village Oono-gun

5. Jyuemon
It is Gassho Style Inn that has 300 years history.
Address: 2653 Ogimachi Shirakawa Village Oono-gun

6. Inn Bunroku
The Inn is backed by the superb view of mountain. How about having a meal with the birds twittering, and watching the pond’s Koi (carp). You can enjoy the therapeutic walk in the forest even staying in the Inn. You might get the welcome words from cows
Address: 911 Ogimachi Shirakawa Village Oono-gun

7. himizu
Our Inn has 200 years history of Gassho style. It is situated in inside of the Gassho Colony, but it is bit out of center so quieter Inn.
Address: 2613 Ogimachi Shirakawa Village Oono-gun

Shirakawa-go Photos :

gassho zukuri farmhouse
Dining room of a gassho-zukuri farmhouse

kikori souvernir shop
Kikori Souvernir shop. The most spacious souvenir shop in Shirakawa village. Located at Ogimachi south exit, and the next door on both sides are a dining room Tyube and Life museum.

ogimachi village shirakawago
Ogimachi Village, the largest village at Shirakawago

hatago shirayama hotel
Hatago Shirayama Hotel at Hirase Shirakawa Village Oono-gun

shirakawa go gassho styled village
World heritage Shirakawa-go Gassho-styled village. An antique village registered as a world heritage. The 112 Gassho-styled houses are a faithful remnant of old Japanese scenery.

Watch Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama Video here

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Senin, 06 Juli 2009

Isawa Onsen Hotspring in Yamanashi

Isawa is a small town in Yamanashi Prefecture. It is one of the tourist hot spring sites in Japan. The city is near with Tokyo and Mount Fuji. In spring the land is clothed in pink and the soft scent of peach blossoms is in the air.

Though Isawa Onsen’s history is not so long, it is the largest hot spring resort in Yamanashi Prefecture and famous throughout the country. In 1961, when people dug in a vineyard here, 60-degree-temperature water gushed forth. They threw the water away, diverting it to a nearby river, and children who played in the river were pleased because the water was warm and comfortable. Seeing that, people thought only throwing away this hot water was a waste and made a pool, which became a kind of openair bath and drew a lot of attention. Since that humble start, Isawa Onsen has been developing and now more than 3.5 million tourists visit this area annually.

Close to Tokyo, it is said to be the second largest hot spring resort in Japan next to Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture, and has about 100 accommodations ranging from small inns for families to expensive Japanese ryokan to large-scale hotels for large group holiday-makers.

The Isawa hot spring flowed forth suddenly from a vineyard in 1961, which explains the why it is known as the "Hot Spring of the Vineyard." With approximately 150 hotels and Japanese style ryokan inns, it is the biggest hot spring resort in Yamanashi.

Contents: Pure hot spring 113-140o F

How to access Isawa Onsen :
Take a 90 minutes from Shinjuku Station to Isawa Onsen Station on the JR Chuo Line.

Isawa Hot Spring Address :
Fuefuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture
Phone Number 055-262-3626 (Isawa Hot Spring Inn Association)

Hotes in Isawa town :
1. Hotel Hatta
JPY 9,600 - JPY 16,300
The hotel Hatta is a bath-proud hotel with the theme of “beauty, health, and healing.” We serve a meal mixed with Japanese and Western style kaiseki (traditional multi-course dinner) benefiting of local foods. It is a qualified facility for health enhancement.

2. Hotel Hanaisawa
JPY 9,500 - JPY 15,200
Re-opened in March, 2002 based on the theme of "Comfort and Elegance." We have a new large bath, more restaurants and the renewed front lobby now, to welcome you.

3. Hotel Sekitei
JPY 8,900 - JPY 13,650
This modern Japanese resort blends the tranquility of an authentic Japanese setting with versatility in style. The night view from the rotenburo (open-air bath) with a cypress wood bathtub is unsurpassed in the Koshu region.

4. Hotel Fuji
JPY 9,900 - JPY 16,600
Our big rock baths and large spa style baths with spectacular views of the garden are worth experiencing.

5. Fujinoya Yutei
JPY 10,700 - JPY 18,900
An authentic ryokan (Japanese-style hotel) near a clean stream containing sweet fish (Ayu). Enjoy a thermal spring open-air bath and private open-air bath in the annex. All guest rooms have recently been renovated.

6. Isawa Tokiwa Hotel
JPY 9,500 - JPY 13,650
Located 5 minutes from the highway exit, at the east entrance to Isawa Hot Spring, we aim to provide guests with the best possible hospitality.

7. Meiseki no Yado Kagetsu
JPY 18,800 - JPY 27,900
Please enjoy a leisurely time at our large open-air bath and sukiya style (a traditional way of construction for the tea ceremony room) guest rooms. Our Japanese garden of 5000 tsubo (16500 square meters) was created with the great technique of modern lan

8. Hanayagi no Sho Keizan
JPY 9,300 - JPY 22,050
Only five minutes walk from Isawa Onsen Station, we are very conveniently located. We are proud of our large baths and open air baths whose water is sourced from a naturally occurring hot spring.

9. Hotel Kaiji
JPY 11,550 - JPY 12,600
Our quiet Japanese-style hotel faces some Sakura trees and a small river, and has a Japanese garden around it. The large hot spring bath with a good supply of water is popular. We are proud of our cuisine made from the local ingredients.

10. Kizukuri no Yado Kikori
JPY 14,490 - JPY 24,465
The classic ryokan (traditional Japanese-style inn) is located in the onsen (hot springs) town, surrounded by modern architecture. We hope that you will enjoy the soul and warmth of trees.

11. Isawa View Hotel
JPY 10,500 - JPY 12,600
Unwind in this Japanese-style hotel to your heart’s content as you enjoy the chef’s special dinner course, Kohama Sekizen, rich in local flavor.

12. Kyosuiso
JPY 10,500 - JPY 13,650
We are a quiet Japanese style hotel with six kinds of bathing facilities and delicious cuisine. We cater to individuals, families, and groups.

13. Hanare no Yado Tagano
JPY 22,050 - JPY 23,100
With only eight guest rooms in total, this traditional Japanese-style inn is situated on nearly 5000 square meters of serene ground. The all-natural waters of the hot spring are available 24 hours a day.
Meitei no Yado Koshien
JPY 9,450 - JPY 30,450
We are an authentic, two storey Japanese style hotel surrounded by a 6,600 square meter Japanese garden. We also have rooms with private outdoor baths.

14. Yoimachi no Sato Hanasuisho
JPY 13,650
We are a compact Japanese hotel designed with a floral theme. We have two kinds of open-air baths, a hinoki (cypress) wood bath and a stone bath. Meals, carefully prepared using seasonal ingredients, are served in your room.

15. Hotel Kasugai
JPY 15,200 - JPY 19,000
Our Japanese style hotel is next to Isawa Onsen in the center of the Kasugaikajitsu hot spring resort, also a production area of peaches and grapes. You can gaze at Fuefuki River or Mt. Fuji.

Isawa Onsen Hotspring Photos :

isawa hot spring
Isawa Hot Spring

isawa hot spring resort
Isawa Hot Spring Resort flowed forth suddenly from a vineyard in 1961

isawa town
Isawa Hot Spring is the largest hot spring resort in Yamanashi Prefecture and also one of the most famous in Japan.

isawa onsen matsuri festival
The main site of the Isawa Onsen Matsuri Festival (Isawa Spa Festival and Fireworks Display) is the shore of the Fuefuki-gawa, a river that runs through the town of Isawa-cho.

Watch Isawa Onsen Hotspring Scenery Video here

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