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Senin, 01 Maret 2010

Omachi Nagano Ski Resort and Lake

Omachi (大町市) is a city near Nagano, and is located north of Matsumoto city, also located in the Nagano prefecture.

Omachi is famous for its Mount Tsubakuro (Tsubakuro-dake). It forms part of the Hida Mountains and is a peak in the Northern Japanese Alps, elevation 2763 m/9065 ft.

Omachi Tourism

There are not so many tourist acctractions in Omachi, but Lake Kizaki may be a popular seaside resort.

Omachi Ski is a fairly small ski location which is recommended for beginner or amateur skiiers.

Yearly there is a horse race festival held nearby the Omachi Track and Field ground, the exact date of the year that this is held is often random but always in august.

During August you can also witness the Yamabiko Matsuri , a festival held on the main street which involves many companies from around the area. During this fesitval you can watch a parade on the main street held by all involved, buy snacks and drinks or join in yourself with the parade. All parade members receive free drink and food from their sponsors.

In september you can visit Kamado Jinya ( Kamado Shrine ). During this festival you can make a wish to God via a small donation to the shrine it's self, and enjoy fireworks in the nearby playing feild. There are also food and drink stands set up around the shrine grounds, as well as games.

New year is also held around several shrines in Omachi city. No food stands are available at this time, the festivities often involve a large fire which many people gather around.

Omachi Hotspring

This hot spring is by the Kashima River where the melted snow water from the mountains of Kashima-Yarigatake and Jiigatake flows into and is found along the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, one of the major mountain routes in the world. Since 1964, spring water is drawn from the Kuzu Hot Spring in the western part of Omachi City. The hot spring resort is indeed quiet, surrounded by white birch and beech forests. Because the area is one of the leading museum towns in the country, you will find many unique types of museums here. For example, there is the Alps Onsen Hakubutsukan where you can learn about the mechanism of hot spring generation and the history of the hot springs of the North Alps focusing on the Omachi Hot Spring as well as the Sake-no-Hakubutsukan where approximately 300 brands of Japanese sake from all parts of the country are exhibited while a local sake tasting/sales area is also set up.

Ski Resort in Omachi

Tourist usually visit Omachi for Ski resort. There are six ski resorts located in Omachi; Yanaba Ski Resort, Omachi Ski Resort, Jiigatake Ski Resort, Sun Alpina Kashimayari Ski Resort, Sun Alpina Keikyu Aoki-ko Ski Resort, and Yanaba Parallel Ski Resort. Easy access to each of these places together with a spa in the surrounding area make this location attractive and enjoyable resort for both skiing and hot springs.

Omachi Ski Resort Information, including the phone number :

1. Yanaba Ski Resort/ 0261-23-1123
2. Omachi Ski Resort/ 0261-23-1022
3. Jiigatake Ski Resort/ 0261-23-7555
4. Sun Alpina Kashimayari Ski Resort/ 0261-23-1231
5. Sun Alpina Keikyu Aoki-ko Ski Resort/ 0261-23-2391
6. Yanaba Parallel Ski Resort/ 0261-23-1123

Omachi Best Attractions including lake, museum, Dam

1. Nishina Sanko (Nishina Three Lakes).
These are the only natural lakes in the North Alps mountains. The biggest is Lake Aoki-ko. Its depth and transparency reflecting Hakuba's three mountains, make it one of the greatest lakes in the country. Lake Kizaki-ko, located southern-most among the three, is the water sports haven. A number of campsites attract the crowds in summer.

2. Shio-no-michi Hakubutsukan (Salt Road Museum)
The house of the Hirabayashi family is open to the public as a museum. Hirabayashi was a salt wholesaler in the Yedo period(1603-1868).

3. Omachi Alpine Museum
The town of Omachi has developed as a mountainous country. The local mountain culture, nurtured in nature is introduced in this museum. The transformation of mountain-climbing throughout its history is explained from various aspects with a number of interesting materials displayed.

4. Sake-no Hakubutsukan (sake museum)
Sake (rice wine) production in this town depends on its blessed rich and fresh headwaters. Five hundred pieces of tools exhibited in the museum proves that the town's reputation as a sake maker. Furthermore, sake making history and culture are described in easy-to-understand narration.

5. Omachi Kyodo-gangu Hakubutsukan (local toy museum)
A collection of local toys from all over the country, including Omachi local toys, is displayed in this museum. The collection (2,400 pieces) represents the heartwarming, humorous, and simple features of local toys from different areas of Japan.

6. Henry Miller Museum of Art
Henry Miller is famous both as a distinguished writer and as a watercolor painter. His bright and leisurely style and daring touch of his works, are the hallmarks of this American genius of the twentieth century. This is the first museum built in the world which is dedicated to Henry Miller. The gallery contains a hundred and ten pieces of his watercolor paintings and lithographs.

7. Takase Ravine (Takase Dam, Nanakura Dam, Omachi Dam)
Takase Ravine consists of three dams; Takase, Nanakura, and Omachi. Takase Dam is the biggest in scale: 176 meters high and 11.59 million cubic meters.
In autumn, the leaves turn red and yellow, which contrasts with the emerald green of the reservoir, and the visitors enjoy its beauty.

8. Nishina-shinmeigu Shrine
Omachi area has been called "Nishina's hometown" since the ancient days. Nishina-shinmeigu Shrine is a national treasure, that was built in early Yedo period (1603-1868). There are many cedar trees along the path to the shrine. Standing at the end of the path is the sanctuary of the shrine. This is one of the oldest sinmei-zukuri ( a style of roof) in Japan.

Photos of Omachi city

Lake Kizaki Omachi
Lake Kizaki Omachi

Nishina Sanko Lakes
Nishina Sanko Lakes

Aoki Lakespring Omachi
Aoki Lakespring at Omachi City

Kuroyon Hotel Omachi
Kuroyon Royal Hotel at Omachi. Nestled at the foot of Japan's Northern Alps, this luxurious alpine resort hotel is an ideal location to witness the beauty of nature throughout the seasons. After breathing in the crisp mountain air, we're sure you will want to extend your visit in this relaxing, healthy environment.

Kashima River Omachi Hotspring
Omachi Hot Spring view from Kashima River

Watch Nagano Prefecture Omachi City "gigatake"ski area video here

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