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Sabtu, 18 Oktober 2008

Nagoya best bars Sakae Clubs in Japan Honshu

Nagoya City
Nagoya City

Nagoya (名古屋), located in Honshu, the main island of Japan, is one of Japan’s major cities - a population of more than 2.15 million. Nagoya is Japan's fourth-largest city after Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka. Nagoya is a center of manufacturing. Home of Toyota – Japan’s biggest company.

Nightlife areas include Sakae, Nagoya Station, Fushimi. Further from the center of the city you will find great restaurants, bars and cafes - mainly along the Higashiyama and Tsurumai subway lines in the up-market Yagoto, Irinaka, Motoyama and Imaike districts.

Nagoya best bars, Sakae, Cafe are listed here :

1. Elephant's Nest, British Pub in Fushimi
2. Misfits, Cool Bar in Imaike
3. Kamana, Nepali Restaurant in Irinaka
4. Tori-komachi, Yakitori Restaurant in Hara
5. Anadolu, Kebab House in Sakae
6. Shooters, Sports Bar & Grill
7. Mawi Ay Oriental, Genuine Turkish cuisine in Tempaku.
8. TPIN, Authentic Spanish tapas bar.
9. Las Delicias, Mexican restaurant
10. JERRY'S UNO, Tacos and beers.
11. Plastic Factory, Event Space in Imaike
12. The Red Rock, Aussie Bar & Grill.
13. Maruhachi, Chill Bar in Ikeshita.
14. STEPS, Cool club and bar in Sakae
15. My Bar, Elegant Nightlife.
16. The Fifty Nines, Cafe and Diner.
17. Casablanca, Authentic Moroccan Restaurant.
18. Salsa One, A new salsa & merengue dance club and bar space
in the heart of Sakae.

Watch Nagoya Red Light District (Near Nagoya Station) video here

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