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Rabu, 23 Juni 2010

Nagano Yatsugatake Mountains and Royal Hotel

The Yatsugatake Mountains (八ヶ岳)  is one of Japan famous mountains located between Nagano Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture on the island of Honshū in Japan. Yatsugatake literally means eight mountains. Actually there are more than eight peaks. Japanese word “hachi” (eight) sometimes implies “many”.

Yatsugatake is one of Japan most visited mountains besides the trademark Mount Fuji and Tateyama which famous for its ski resort.

The Mt. Yatsugatake mountain range with its main peak Mt. Akadake (2,899m) and the 3,000m Southern Alps with the lofty Mt. Kitadake (3,192.6m) make a magnificent, powerful mountain view. The Mt. Yatsugatake area is one of stunning nature that changes in various ways throughout the seasons and is a symbol of Japan’s highland resorts.

Eight mountains in Mt. Yatsugatake have generally pointed out Mt. Aka (2899m), Mt. Gongen (2715m), Nishitake (2398m), and Mt. Amigasa (2524m) of Mt. Tengu (2646m), Mt. Ioh (2760m), Yokodake (2829m), Mt. Amida (2805m), and a dominant peak. As it seems that the portion to Mt. Tateshina located further here north is also contained when it becomes the Mt. Yatsugatake mountain range.

Kiyosato Highland stretches out across the foot of Mt. Yatsugatake, whose peaks range from an altitude of 800m to 1,500m. There are retreats, the best known being Seisen Ryo, hotels, pensions, art museums, restaurants, and at the night you can gaze out at the night sky full of stars – a sight not seen in urban areas.

How to access Mount Yatsugatake

It takes approximately 2 hours from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo to JR Kobuchizawa Station by train (JR Chuo Line), approximately 2 hours by car to Nagasaka I.C. on the Chuo Expressway, or around 2 hours 30 minutes by Chuo Highway Bus from Shinjuku Station West Exit.

It takes approximately 50 minutes by car or around 1 hour by train from the Mt. Yatsugatake area to the Kofu area.

From the Mt. Yatsugatake area to the Isawa area it takes 1 hour 10 minutes by car or 1 hour 15 minutes by train (Fuji Kyuko Line from Otsuki Station (JR Chuo Line)).

To the Fujikawaguchiko area it takes approximately 1 hour 40 minutes by car or 1 hour 50 minutes by train on the Fuji Kyuko Line from Otsuki Station (JR Chuo Line).

Yatsugatake-Chushin-Kogen Quasi-National Park

This wide park that spans both Yamanashi and Nagano prefectures boasts lakes, white birch trees and alpine plants, all encompassing the Yatsugatake peaks at its center. Kiyosato and other highlands, with their pastoral scenery reminiscent of European landscapes, capture the hearts of their many visitors. Stand at the top of 5,059 ft high Utsukushi-Mori, turn 360 degrees, and take in an incredible view including Mt. Fuji, the Minami Alps and Oku-chichibu.

One of top attractions in Yatsugatake-Chushin-Kogen Quasi National Park is Lake Shirakaba-ko. Lake Shirakaba-ko is an artificial lake that is up to 9 meters deep, and 1,416 meters above sea level. It is located at the western foot of Mt. Tateshina-yama in the northern part of Chino City, Nagano Prefecture, and belongs to Yatsugatake Chushin Kogen Quasi-National Park. Visitors can cruise the lake between Mt. Kuruma-yama and Mt. Tateshina-yama by tour boats or pedal boats. You can also enjoy cycling around the roads along the lakeside, and there are camping grounds and ice skating rinks in the vicinity.

Resort Outlets Yatsugatake

Visit Yatsugatake is not only a mountain views matter, but we can also make a shopping. Yatsugatake is also famous for its shopping mall. Resort Outlets Yatsugatake is a shopping mall surrounded by huge mountains and in harmony with nature.

The vast complex is divided into seven areas and all courts have stunning views of Mt.Yatsugatake and The Southern Alps.
There is a large variety of shops such as those selling designer goods, sports and outdoor goods, everyday items, and there are also restaurants. The mall offers stylish fashion and provides a quality shopping space.

Yatsugatake Royal Hotel

One of the most famous hotel in Mount Yatsugatake is Royal Hotel. Yatsugatake Royal Hotel attracts around 20,000 guests each year. The ideal location offers a wonderful view of Japanese major mountains such as Mt Fuji and Yatsugatake, and night-time star watching at the observatory. With a hot spring resort in the facilites, this is one of the leading resort hotels in the prefecture.

It takes 15 minutes on foot or 3 minutes by taxi from Kai-oizumi Station on JR Koumi Line, which runs from Obuchizawa Station on Chuo Line connecting Shinjuku of Tokyo in 120 minutes. The Kiyosato Village, one of the famous resorts, is 15 minutes by car.

Yatsugatake Mountain Photos

Yatsugatake Mountain Snow
Snow at Yatsugatake Mountain

Yatsugatake Peak
Yatsugatake Peak

Yatsugatake Resort Outlets
Resort Outlets Yatsugatake is a shopping mall surrounded by huge mountains and in harmony with nature.

Lake Shirakaba-ko Yatsugatake
Lake Shirakaba-ko Yatsugatake is an artificial lake that is up to 9 meters deep, and 1,416 meters above sea level.

Yatsugatake Royal Hotel
Yatsugatake Royal Hotel. Three minutes by hotel shuttle bus from Kaioizumi Station of JR Koumi Line (Reservation necessary)
20 minutes by the car or taxi from Kobuchizawa station of JR Chuo Honsen line

Yatsugatake Station
Yatsugatake Station Map. By train : 15-minute by taxi from JR Chuo Main Line Chino station. By car : 10-minute from Chuo Express way Suwa-minamiIC

Yatsugatake Chushin Kogen Quasi National Park
Yatsugatake-Chushin-Kogen Quasi-National Park

Yatsugatake Akadake Top
At the top of Yatsugatake-Akadake Climbed through the West Wall Mt. Fuji is seen on the left

Watch Climbing at Sansa Hou Runze, Yatsugatake video here

A very cold ascent of the Sansa Hou Runze route on Yatsugatake on the 20th January 2008.
(Climbers - Alan Tomlinson, Rod Szasz, Tony Grant, Dave Puglisi)

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