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Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

Miyazaki famous beach and resort at Kyushu

Miyazaki (宮崎市) is the capital city of Miyazaki Prefecture, located on Kyushu Island. Different with another regions in Japan, Miyazaki has a good climate. With one of the warmest climates on the main islands of Japan combined with attractions such as resorts, beaches and sports facilities.

Tourism has been focused on in Miyazaki City, utilizing its southern-island atmosphere, centered on the Phoenix Seagaia Resort: a total activity facility housing hotels, golf courses, and hot springs.

Miyazaki City is also near attractions such as Takachiho to the north and Kirishima to the southwest, which are both important sites of Japanese mythology and beautiful places to enjoy nature.

Miyazaki City
Miyazaki Downtown

Visiting Miyazaki means visiting its beach. Miyazaki has so many beautiful beaches, some of them are Aoshima Beach, Sun Beach Hitotsuba, Shirahama Beach, Urashiro Beach, Kumanoe Beach, Sumie Beach, Odotsu Beach, Isegahama Beach.

Miyazaki Attractions and things to do

1. Miyazaki Shrine & Environs
Miyazaki Shrine
The most important shrine in town is Miyazaki Shrine (Miyazaki Jingu), 2-4-1 Jingu (tel. 0985/27-4004), located about a 10-minute walk west of JR Miyazaki Jingu Station. It's dedicated to the first emperor of Japan, Emperor Jimmu, a somewhat mythical figure who established the Yamato Court in 660 B.C. and is believed to be the ancestor of every reigning emperor since.

2. Heiwadai Park
Miyazaki Heiwadai Park
About a 15-minute walk northwest of Miyazaki Shrine is Heiwadai Park, where you'll find the Peace Tower, built in 1940 in celebration of the 2,600th anniversary of the mythological foundation of Japan; it purportedly contains artifacts that once belonged to the first emperor.

3 Haniwa Garden
Haniwa Garden

At the far end of Heiwadai park is the Haniwa Garden, a collection of over 400 replica haniwa (burial statues) depicting animals, warriors, dancers, boats and houses arranged along a walking path through the trees. During the Kofun Period these clay statues were placed around burial mounds in tribute to the deceased.

4. Aoshima Island
Miyazaki Aoshima Island
Aoshima Island is a small, beautiful island just off of the coast of the resort beaches south of Miyazaki City. Aoshima is connected to the mainland by a bridge and is ringed by white beaches surrounding a subtropical jungle at the island's center.

5. Seagaia Resort
Miyazaki Phoneix Seagaia Resort

Miyazaki Seagaia Resort

The Phoenix Seagaia Resort is the World's Largest Indoor Water Park. It is a massive ocean side resort spanning nearly 10 kilometers of coastline just north of central Miyazaki City. More than just a collection of hotels, Seagaia is a symbol of Miyazaki's resort heritage and offers its guests a wealth of things to do.

6. Miyazaki Prefectural Museum of Nature and History (Miyazaki-ken Sogo Hakubutsukan)
7. Miyazaki Prefectural Art Museum (Miyazaki-kenritsu Bijutsukan)

Miyazaki Photos :

Miyazaki Shrine
Miyazaki Shrine. This shrine is located in a cave on a cliff next to the ocean. People come here to pray for long and happy marriages, easy childbirth, healthy children, and safety at sea.

Miyazaki Map
Miyazaki Map

Watch Aoshima Island (青島) at Miyazaki, Kyushu Island, Japan Video here

Aoshima Island is located in the south east of Kyūshū and is well known for it's natural coastline (devil's washboard) and it's Shrine, hidden in the jungle.

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